state funding

Governors, legislatures and agencies of South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota have always been steadfast in their strong support for Lewis & Clark.  The states prepaid 100% of their original cost share many years in advance — South Dakota $31.88M, Iowa $7.01M and Minnesota $5.45M — a combined $44.34M.

Due to the slow pace of federal funding, Lewis & Clark turned to the states for “federal funding advances” to keep construction moving forward.  These are zero interest unsecured loans to be repaid with federal funding after the 20 members are connected. The states going above and beyond their cost share to provide these advances under such terms demonstrates how important the project is to the region in terms of improved quality of life and economic development opportunities.  To date the advances approved by the states include; Minnesota $41M, South Dakota $8.7M and Iowa $7M.

Lewis & Clark expresses it deepest thanks and appreciation to the States of South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota for their unwavering support!