Lewis & Clark’s water originates from wells that tap into the Missouri: Elk Point Aquifer adjacent to the Missouri River.  The treated water is very high quality.  Lewis & Clark does extensive testing for contaminants in the water and only the few items listed on the Table of Detected Contaminants were found to be present in reportable quantities.  The level of these contaminants is less than what would be considered harmful.

Table of Detected Contaminants – 2020
Water Quality Summary – 2020

Additional 2020 Water Quality Information of Interest:
Parameter (units):                              Average Level:           Acceptable Level:
Total Hardness (as CaCO3) (ppm)             160                                                 NA
Total Hardness (grains per gallon)             8.5 – 9.5                                        NA
Alkalinity (ppm)                                              61                                                 NA
Calcium (asCaCO3) (ppm)                             95                                                 NA
Iron (ppm)                                                      .01                                                 0.3
Manganese (ppm)                                        .01                                                 0.05
pH (units)                                                       8.5                                                 7 – 9
Total Chlorine (ppm)                                    2.5                                                 0.3-3.9