The long-awaited Madison “wheeling plan” became operational on May 17!  Three years in the making, Madison can now access up to 1 million gallons a day of water to supplement their current water supply.  This arrangement will remain in place until Lewis & Clark (L&C) can complete construction of 32 miles of service line to connect the city, which may not happen for 10 years or more.  In the meantime, L&C is selling water to Minnehaha Community Water Corp (MCWC), who in turn is selling water to Big Sioux Community Water System (BSCWS), who in turn is selling water to Madison using five miles of L&C pipeline that was completed late last year.  The “wheeling plan” is a unique and cooperative effort to address Madison’s water needs.  It was a real team effort by the four entities already mentioned, as well as Governor Daugaard, State Legislature, SD Board of Water and Natural Resources and SD Department of Environment and Natural Resources.  Madison and L&C extend their deepest thanks and appreciation to the rural water systems, agencies and elected officials who worked in close partnership to make this unique wheeling plan a reality.