Lewis & Clark Regional water system

Welcome!  In the same trailblazing spirit as our namesake explorers, we are dedicated to constructing and operating a first of its kind tristate drinking water system that will benefit an estimated 350,000 people in southeast South Dakota, northwest Iowa and southwest Minnesota.  While not as daunting as exploring the Louisiana Purchase, the project has taken decades longer than the Corps of Discovery and has faced its own share of challenges.  This website chronicles a great deal of information about the journey to date.  We trust you will find what you need, but if not please contact us.

  • inspecting water pipe
  • workers install a section of the water pipe
  • water pipe connection
  • placing water pipe in line
  • Lewis and Clark Regional Water System
construction progress map
  • 86% complete
  • Project was incorporated in 1990 and authorized by Congress in 2000
  • Groundbreaking was held in 2003
  • 15 of the 20 members are connected 
  • As of FY21 the total estimated cost of the project is $613 million
  • An estimated $70 million is still needed to complete the project as of May 2022
  • When construction is completed depends upon federal funding levels
  • more updates and larger map

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