WATER Storage

Lewis & Clark currently has three water storage facilities in operation with another one under construction.  Additional reservoirs and elevated towers will be constructed as more members are connected.   

85th street water tower:

The first storage contract was awarded to Landmark Structures of Ft. Worth, TX in July 2009 and substantial completion was reached in April 2012.  Final construction cost was $5 million.  This contract was for a three million gallon composite water tower along 85th Street in southern Sioux Falls, which is a joint connection point for Sioux Falls and Lincoln County RWS.  The tower is 190 feet high and the bowl is 114 feet in diameter.  Both Lewis & Clark and Sioux Falls needed a 1.5 million gallon tower in the same area.  Instead of building two 1.5 million gallon towers, an agreement was reached to build one three million gallon tower.  The tower is owned and operated by Lewis & Clark, but Sioux Falls paid half the construction cost and has access to half the storage capacity for its own use.

tea reservoirs:

Lewis & Clark’s primary storage facility is at the intersection of 467th Avenue and 270th Street, two miles northwest of Tea, SD.  It includes two 7.5 million gallon pre-stressed concrete reservoirs that are 65 feet tall and 164 feet in diameter.  The contract was awarded to NATGUN (now known as DN Tanks) of Wakefield, MA in August 2009 and substantial completion was reached in October 2011.  Final construction cost was $9.5 million.    

rock county reservoir:

A $3 million contract for a four million gallon pre-stressed concrete reservoir was awarded to Preload of Louisville, KY in September 2016.  It will be six miles southwest of Luverne, MN.  The substantial completion deadline is March 2018.